Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A satiric note on current Bangladesh situation


IT seems that mission of the Army-backed government is to politically finish the family of Bangabandhu first! Case statistics show that number of cases filed against Begum Zia is only two. It gives us an impression that Begum Zia is less corrupt than Hasina, who has championed in Corruption with 12/14 cases with whole family! That is why Hasina is arrested first. But reality contradicts. The govt. was disturbed by a survey of the WEEKLY 2000 (Saptahik 2000) that Hasina has still more acceptance in her party than Begum Zia. It is hard to create a conflict within AL. Being failed, now they are planning to arrest "so-called" reformist leaders. Luckily, couple of them are out of the country. They have saved themselves already playing tricky politics with Army-backed administration.

Now Gen. Moeen is saying that Bangabandhu will be given due place in history. But we afraid the way "might is right" adage is going on, after couple of years they will do a rank of order where Bangabandhu will be in number 5/6!

Sheikh Rehana spoke the right thing "Might is Right". Yes, Army is believed to be the number one SHOT (HONEST) institution in Bangladesh as it is indirectly endorsed by our eminent lawyers. Interestingly at the same time, echoing with Army chief, now Dr. Kamal Hossain is also saying the need of changing the constitution of the country. The problem is that we talked against Hazari, Hazi Selim, Hazari for their muslceman like attitude and arrogance, but like DGFI and talking against Jamaat-Shibir's "Rogkata" bahini in Bangladesh has become a taboo. Whether we like Sk. Hasina or not, at least she always raises her voice against that "Rogkata" bahini. It is hard to find whether our noble peace prize winner Dr. Yunus ever say a word against Jamaat-Shibir and their fundamentalist friends in his public lecture or opinionates or about the state of minority repression in Bangladesh. Does it mean "sometime might is right is justified"? What Army is doing right now, and what Jamaat-Shibir (a very "democratic party" with a captivated Majlish e Shura) usually does, we have to accept that their actions are necessary for the "Honest Democracy" in Bangladesh.

Jamaati top rank leaders and four star generals in Bangladesh should be given next Nobel Peace Prize for re-inventing a new style of (Honest) Democracy in Bangladesh with the support of Guns and Swords. Actually, they are not different than Tarique Rahman (who once told in a news interview that Islam often allows force/violence to get the things done). Who knows there may have a drama going on in Bangladesh? Who knows? May be, everything is very unclear. Because Honest Democracy talks against dynasty but not that much about transparency. Perhaps, Honesty does not require transparency as everybody knows it is a honest system at least when Nobel laureate and the proponent of BD constitution also similarly talk about Honest Politics. In such context, Bangladeshis would love to see our respected doctorates and Prof. Golam Azom work together for Bangladesh. We are waiting to see their dreamy Honest Government (!) in Bangladesh. Then our all doctorates and Ameers of Jihadism will be able to remove the country's name from the list of "most watched countries" in the world!!! Will they?

Who defines democractic change in Bangladesh? Army - students studying in the capital or private universities or abroad - businessmen - civil society people with higher and stable income - Radical Islamists (Bcoz their gurus like Al Quida has already issued a sermon that don't stand by the side of corrupt politicians or governments of Muslim countries). Does anybody talk to or listen to the symbol of our common people "Aijuddin" - "Koshte Achhe Aijuddin"! #

BIMAK MITUL, is post graduate student at Baton Rouge, Louisiana