Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bangladesh authority bans political, trade union, student politics, restricts provocative news

Reports UNB, Dhaka

The government has banned political and trade union activities and restricted provocative news, including talk shows, in print and on electronic media under the Emergency Powers Rules 2007.

The government has restricted processions, demonstrations, hartals, strikes, lockouts and trade union activities across the country to ensure security of the state and people, and maintain discipline in public life.

It has also banned student-teacher politics, and politics by government employees and their activities and the activities of professional bodies.

In case of violation of the restrictions, the offenders will have to suffer a maximum of five years or a minimum of two years rigorous imprisonment along with fines.

The ban has been made effective from January 12, 2007 through a gazette notification Thursday on the Emergency Powers Rules 2007 under the Emergency Powers Ordinance 2007.

The gazette notification was made public ton .

The gazette notification, however, exempted rallies, processions and functions relating to religious, social and state affairs from the restrictions.

Under the notification, the government can ban any meeting, procession, siege, demonstration, speech, statement, any harmful news or information in the interest of government, state or public security and peace.

The government can also restrict any publication or transmission of any anti-government news, editorial, post editorial, article, feature, cartoon, talk show or discussion in print or on electronic media and any mass media, including the internet.

Wall-writing has also been banned as long as the state of emergency will remain in force.

The government will be able to proscribe any newspaper, book, document, printing press or equipment of electronic media if any news or information is published or propagated violating the government order or restrictions.

The restriction has also been put on any provocative remarks or activities against the government and its programmes, drawing, cartoon or the effigy of an individual with ulterior political motive. #