Sunday, October 09, 2011

Wasfia conquers Africa

Bangladesh first women Wasfia Nazreen to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro on October 2, at 7:29 am (Tanzanian time).

Previously, in her launching expedition to Mount Elbrus in July 2011, adventuress Wasfia hired a female guide. True to her style, she again hired a female guide during her mountain climbing. Meredith Riley, a female guide of Mountain Guides International (MGI) and one of the official trainers for this campaign led Wasfia and her team in this historic journey.
Out of the 6-7 routes that Kilimanjaro has to reach the summit, Wasfia’s team climbed the mountain through the second toughest approach. They were met by severe thunderstorm and heavy snowfall on the summit night - an anomaly in the African continent.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and fourth highest of the Seven Summits, which are the highest points of each continent. Its highest point, Uhuru Peak, rises to an altitude of 5895 m or 19341 ft.

‘Bangladesh on Seven Summits’ is a campaign supported by the Liberation War Museum, in celebration of 40 years of Bangladesh’s independence. Bangladesh on Seven Summits is a tribute to those women and men, who through sheer resolve overcame enormous ordeal for the birth of our nation.

Wasfia called upon the youth of the country to work like ‘siblings of the same womb’ and take the Nation forward to the best of our abilities. She also expressed great concern on the environmental situation of the planet and called upon the industrialized nations to take urgent actions.

This young adventuress has received the full support and encouragement of the volunteer wing of JAAGO Foundation, Volunteer for Bangladesh. This is the first time a Bangladeshi has initiated such a campaign.

For more information and further development, please contact Korvi Rakshand, Spokesperson, Bangladesh on Seven Summits,,, +88 017 1161 7858