Thursday, April 03, 2008

In defence of Shiekh Hasina


AS AN ordinary citizen my humble opinion to Dr. Fakhruddin’s caretaker government and to Gen. Moeen the self proclaimed pillar of the house, please learn to read peoples leap and understand it is high time to give up any wicked malevolence plan and free hundreds of thousand detained political prisoners and stop meddling with judiciary. Free Sheikh Hasina or let her face the judicial battle and let the legal system work independently without provocation and repulsive interference. Utterly sickening motive, which prevailing for last 14 months to indict Sheikh Hasina disgracefully dose not care whether the complaints fits the profile . This practice ought to be stopped at once.

Government cannot and should not deny the rights of prisoners in states custody. Her current health condition is a concern for a huge population and government must ensure not only her safety but also above all her wellbeing. Bangladesh government that is championing in human right violation be reminded repeatedly, the great danger they will face if her wellbeing is not guaranteed.

On March 31, 2008 government apparatus forced Sheikh Hasina to appear in the court which reconfirms rumours, government is slow poisoning her and pushing her toward extreme ill health or death at worst where she will no longer be a threat for the military backed government. I urge caretaker government to free her and let her go abroad for her urgently needed care.

May Allah save her from any dire consequences from this denied treatment and like to give a stern word of warning, if she becomes totally hearing-impaired or her health condition deteriorates because of government’s convincible dubious spiteful act then we will give a deaf ear to government and will surely go into a battle to remove them from power. Do not consider our willingness to give time to Dr. Fakhruddin’s government as our weakness, with the grace of God and peoples support, we are capable of taking them down if they go wide of the mark. Your tanks will stand still and will have no use. No justice no peace.

Let there be no doubt that all cases against Sheikh Hasina is illegal in context of the law of the land. Sheikh Hasina been tried under Emergency Power Act which was promulgated on February of 2007 is not just illegal but a slap on the face of judiciary as well as constitution. The military-backed regime of Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed is trying her under Emergency Laws in a Kangaroo Court.

Bangladesh Army led by Gen. Moeen is determined to convict her and keep her away from politics to destroy the democratic process of the country, army finds her to be the chief impediment on their way to continue their military regime.

On February 6th 2008 at 12:08pm High court read out a historical verdict which was a severe blow to caretaker government and helped unmasking their abhorrent blue print against sheikh Hasina. The High Court quashed the trial of jailed former Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a Taka 3 crore extortion case filed by Azam J. Chowdhury saying it was "illegal" to prosecute her under emergency power rules since the alleged offence was committed much before the proclamation of emergency.

A High Court Division Bench comprising Justice Shah Abu Nayeem Mominur Rahman and Justice Shahidul Islam delivered the judgment upon a writ petition filed by Sheikh Hasina who was arrested on July 16, 2007 from her Dhanmondi residence in connection with the case, during an anti-graft drive. The verdict was given on a motion filed by Sheikh Hasina on July 29, 2007 challenging her trial under EPR. The High Court’s appellate division earlier had appointed seven attorneys as amicus curiae to have their briefs on the merit of the case trying Sheikh Hasina under the Emergency Power Rule. One attorney recued himself but the remaining six submitted briefs that trying Sheikh Hasina under the EPR for allegations that occurred seven years prior to the enactment of the EPR was indeed illegal and unconstitutional.

The verdict was not a mere victory of Sheikh Hasina but also the win of the rule of law restoring the rights of people and supremacy of the Constitution. One can only hope the government and its military backers will apprehend that it will be not that easy for them to implement their master blue print against Sheikh Hasina the symbol of democracy. People will fight their way up knocking every conspiracy until achieving the ultimate victor.

Even if we give the benefit of doubt and acknowledge caretaker government’s effort as honest and sincere to govern the country as interim, I am compelled to say their joint effort with Bangladesh military to govern Bangladesh has created non-fixable havoc in every sector.

Government must accept the reality; the seen and concealed advisers of caretaker government are simply unfit to run a government administration. There is absolutely no coordination among different component of this government. Dr. Fakhruddin’s government run by some very much educated but completely inexperienced bookish apprentice who has no ties to the people. Above all the biggest problem in my eyes will be this, the core of the government is not in one place but multiple places and you cannot run a country when incongruous contradictory decisions are in making independently from those entire legal and illegal frameworks.

Gen. Moeen’s so called mythological derailed train now failing to find any track at all to put on. Suspicion now brewing whether the track were removed deliberately to create a circumstance to bring the marching boots out! There is a widespread buzz, the tracks are carefully packed and stored in Dhaka cantonment, DGFI HQ and will not be put in place until the military brass feel confident they can prevail, which surely they will fail to accomplish.

Spiral price hike is putting the life of commoner’s almost to a screeching halt. The daily essentials price is out of reach for common people. Dr. Akbar fittingly attributed this as silent killer and a sign of famine in the horizon. Though the government is trying to transfer the blame into international market price, there is no doubt, all these happening because of lack of farsighted management team of this government. They despondently failed to understand the hard-core reality and rose pictures of their dream does not match and put the entire nation in this unbearable situation.

When people are already eating inadequate meals to survive, cutting half or even two third of their normal intake, government advisers make brutal frontal attack making cruel joke suggesting people to eat potato or the cauliflower instead of rice. Incompetent, inefficient clownish advisers are doing all kinds of unproductive tall talk when they miserably fail to run the country even for a day.

These people have no empathy for the suffering commoners because they are not the part of the suffering poor or the middle class. Drinking bottle water, eating French fries with juicy burgers and salad may make these ex World Bank employees and their project beneficiary’s status high but the hardworking poor masses and farmers desires not much but adequate rice and lentils which they failed to provide.

Let there be no doubt if there were no emergency then there would be a riot by now for food. Women’s of Bangladesh will be flocking to street with broomstick to clean the caretaker government with an outright rejection.

Militarization of civil administration
Militarization of civil administration is bulldozing the civil administration to establish an administration which will serve military top brass and their foreign masters. It is hard to find any public sectors where you will not find these ex and serving military officers not put emplace. It appears civil service is becoming a part of military administration with a calculative plan to strike. From national sports council to all other governmental institution and in-betweens presence of military personnel is alarmingly high. Gen. Moeen is following the footsteps of Gen. Musharrof of Pakistan when it comes to militarization of civil administration. It is probably impossible even for a statistician to keep account of how many positions Gen. Moeen’s cap is fathered with, similar stories goes for all his cronies. Civil administration is becoming a rehabilitation camp for retarded retired army officers instead of an institution to run administration efficiently and successfully.

I will urge political parties to have their eye on and keep account of government offices which has been forcefully occupied by military personnel to be replaced when political power resumes office. I will urge government employees to voice their grievances against militarization and demand immediate demilitarization of civil administration.

Military officers with complete lack of experience dealing public matters, out of practical knowledge what so ever ruining the public administration. These officers installed by military backed government are part of the camouflaged reward program for support and submission toward Gen. Moeen’s blue print. For God’s sake, this militarization and politicization process of civil administration and sports arena must be stopped at once; this is hurting our civil administration to work properly, bringing administration to a standstill with languishing demoralized spirit.

Economy of the country is almost on the verge of total collapse. Country’s economical growth rate is lowest among last fifteen years. Country is experiencing lowest foreign or domestic investment in the history of our recent time. Inefficient government even could not make use of 30 percent of Annual Development Plan (ADP) flushing eight months down to the toilet.

Few days ago government slashed four thousand crore BDT from original ADP budget of 21 thousand crore BDT. This leaves any one to ponder whether government will be able to use the rest fourteen thousand crore BDT budgeted for 2007-2008 Annual Development Plan (ADP) with only four months left when the record indicates they was able to spend only eight thousand crore BDT in preceding eight month. One cannot expect anything better when we all know this inefficient government with no sign of minimum coherence among themselves. Someone can reasonably question who they working for people of the land or World Bank-IMF who gives a dam about suffering of common people and plan to plunder our national resources.

Our expatriates are facing the most crucial time in their life. Because of governments inefficient, inactive and inadequate planning, our foreign labour market is shrinking everyday. Expatriates and their families are feeling the painful pinch as they had back after losing their jobs. Undoubtedly our already troubled economy will have to put up with a heavier burden in future to come because of this foolishness.

It took many years of steady effort to build this market and because of advisers and their subordinates failing captivating the underline danger rather taking this as mundane job we are loosing this lucrative market that is the lifeline for Bangladesh economy. Expatriates who propel huge amount of money to Bangladesh foreign currency reserve fund suffer lack of service. Nevertheless, caretaker government does not fail to do mockery of arranging so called expatriates conference spending taxpaying citizen’s money but leasing out the venue to contractors serving military government’s agenda.

I like to warn future elected government to prepare them self to embrace a severe economical breakdown when and if they gain control of governing this country according to the will of the people. Bangladesh probably has to pay a huge price for mishandling of economy by army backed caretaker government. Future government has to wage a struggle to regain the control of the economy and restore the economical order in place. To filter out the damage done in these two years will probably take another five to seven years.

Inflation rates are high as sky comparing anytime of the history. According to Bangladesh Central bank statistics, inflation is kissing the double digit since last year. However, according to most economists, actual inflation rate for poor and middle class are not just mere double digits but humping fifty percent. Economy of Bangladesh now desperately kissing the deceased bride to get out a diminutive pleasure.

Commerce and Industry
Commerce and Industry sectors have not seen any good news in last thirteen plus months but devastation. Defunct advisor Geeteara Safia Chowdhury, Dr. Fakhruddin’s Sister-in-Law and wife of Ex BNP MP Nazim Kamran Chowdhury’s wife on purpose destroyed our jute industries. Beside that, we all know her and hers husbands disgraceful scandalous act of barbaric attack on expatriate couple to grab their property. She was the re-enactment of political thug we have seen within the people of power who cannot be touched by law of the land. Instead of finding herself in jail along with her notorious husband she finds her staying in the occupied house without any problem.

Governments complete failure to rein in the renegade garment industry owners to comply with the agreement they reached with workers brokered by government. Contrarily, government security apparatus put steamroller over the agitating garment workers for demanding their legitimate rights. It is becoming frequent for this government to label anyone as traitor, conspirator or working for foreign interest if they speak about their just right.

The government see conspiracy every where from agitating garment worker for their legitimate right, laid off jute mill workers demanding their salary and layoff compensation package, Sidr victims demanding food to save their family from starvation, student demanding end of illegal takeover of university campus by military personnel, farmers demanding adequate electricity for water irrigation, demanding justly priced on time delivery of fertilizer, even a mere cartoonist like Arifur Rahman will not be spared but languished behind the bar accused as agent of foreign force who wants to breach countries security.

Natural Resources
I like to warn the caretaker government of dire consequence if they continue walking into the sleepier road of making our natural resource as charitable payment for international looters as bait to support them staying in power. Dr. Fakhruddin and his backers have absolutely no right to donate our natural resources. Dr. Fakhruddin’s loyalty to his ex employer World Bank-IMF should not cross his expected faithfulness to the people of the land. I am sure he is aware of chitchat about his deceptive loyalty during the glorious liberation war and his apparently uninterrupted undisturbed peaceful stay in US when the country was blazing and expatriates from all occupations doing everything they can to serve their motherland.

Caretaker government must abandon any immoral plan they may have to lease out our natural resources to foreign greedy corporate. Gullible within the government is making every effort to lease out our pride natural resources. It should be clear to all concern; an interim government has no right, yes no right to make any decision on leasing our natural resource, stop. This decision can and will be taken by an elected free parliament and no one else has the right to do so. If unelected incumbent government formulates any submissive treaty to any foreign entity, upcoming elected government will have to make sure they create an independent inquiry committee to report any wrong doings, no ratification of any law or treaty passed by this government with without transparent public clarification.

Judicial system in Bangladesh is facing an up battle to keep their self-respect alive, to keep the system working for the people alive, and to keep the people’s faith on the system alive.

Political vindictive mind of Dr. Fakhruddin and Gen. Moeenuddin’s government is making every effort to imprison the judge’s conscious and making obstruction to their dealing with free, fair and impartial justice that they took oath of as judges.

Judiciary in our country is suffering of malnutrition and severe functional disorder. Since the time of Ex Law Advisor Barrister Moinul Husain, judges have dictated what they can or cannot do. Government orders them the verdict of all cases. The pandemonium continues until date.

Courts and counsels of the lower courts to the Supreme Court that government find is not toeing their agenda either will be invited to presidents house to have a cup and then forced to resign or will be transferred to some court where they will have no power. Judiciary, instead of freeing itself from the clutch of the powerful quarter now becoming the enslaved part of the master plan to carry out the heinous agenda that is being cooked in DGFI kitchen to give it a legal stamp.

I fervently ask the government to watchfully observe the facts and failure of Pakistan model of military controlled democracy and judiciary which Bangladesh is dragging itself unto and stand back. Going further, caretaker government will face what Pakistan faced yesterday, a total disaster not just for the government but also for the entire nation. I like to make a stern prophecy that if the distortion and annihilation of judiciary continues, people feel there will be no justice at the end there should be no doubt, people will revolt. Let there be no doubt, it will be much more dangerous then what happened in 1971. Without justice there will be no peace, a civil war is forthcoming if the situation derails further. I hope government will not put the citizens and the army battling against each other. If that ever happens, then it will be Gen. Moeen and his backers who will be personally accountable for that mishap.

Dr. Fakhruddin’s Caretaker government that came to power on January 11th of 2007 was a direct result of Bangladesh Army, chief of Staff Gen. Moeen and his subordinates pointing a gun at infamous president Dr. Iajuddin’s head. Top army brass forced President Iajuddin to invoke his presidential power of declaring State of Emergency (according to constitution, emergency can prolong up-to 120 days and then it can be ratified for another 120 days which must be consulted with Supreme Court and take it recommendation on its legality and must be ratified by earliest parliament). Army chief and his men forced Dr. Iajuddin to resign from his position as Chief of then Caretaker government and appoint Dr. Fakhruddin as head of the interim government.

Dr. Fakhruddin took oath of Chief Advisors office under the constitutional clause of Non Partisan Caretaker Government and gave a speech to the nation where he promised to hold an election according to constitutional boundary within the shortest possible time which will be free, (constitutional allotment for a caretaker government to hold an election is 90 days) fair and transparent. He also promised to create a level plain field where muscle, black money, and misuse of governmental power will come to an end.

Nevertheless, regrettably we saw the repetition of field Marshal Ayub Khan’s indoctrinated policy, which Bangladesh unfortunately endures during Gen. Zia and Gen. Ershad’s martial law for more or less seventeen years. The same policy continues under the guns of Gen. Moeen but in a different form and shade to duck their heinous agenda knowing the peoples dislike about uniform martial ruling class. Ayub Khan 10 year rule was based on concept of controlled (Basic) democracy for the people of then united Pakistan. This has remained the rationale of all subsequent military rulers for customizing democracy according to their own geniuses; we can see the similarities with Gen. Moeen’s recent actions and comment of own brand of democracy which he has put in print in his recent book.

They come as friend in uniform, they stay in power as master and then they go as the betrayer. They give us hope and then start the hoopla talk dance and then finally hopes are kaput and they go but by the country take a heavy pounding of socio-political and economical breakdown. One of the most common phenomenon or paradigm of military rule is their common policy of “You are with us or against us” therefore any one disagree with their policy will be treated as conspirator, anti sate element, traitor and unpatriotic and must be eliminated.

Sheikh Hasina knew this routine, therefore she saw what’s coming next and she refuted to the suggestion of caving in under the pressure and talked for people’s constitutional rights to pursue their democratic aspiration. She did what she had to as the people’s leader. The daughter of Bangabandhu Mujib cannot be shut with the whims of some general’s and she did not.

Sheikh Hasina left Bangladesh on March 15th of 2007 for seeing her ailing daughter in law Christine, wife of her only son Sajeeb Wazed Joy who happened to gave birth of a baby girl, a new inclusion of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib family short ago. She will also be doing her own treatment with her troubled ear, which was severely fractured during the grenade attack on her life that she escaped narrowly but 26 of her comrades died and several hundreds become crippling for life.

While she is abroad, the notorious think-tank of DGFI went all-out to ascertain their blue print of elimination theory. On April 9th of 2007, the first case was logged with Tejgaon police station on extortion charges. This case was field by Tajul Islam Farook, Chairman of Westmont Power Company. In his complain Tajul stated that on December 12, 1998 at 7:45 PM he went to Gonovhobon to meet then prime minister Sheikh Hasina with a suitcase containing Take 3 crore in 600 bundles of Taka 500 notes. This was probably the joke of the century that proved two things very clearly.

(1) DGFI agents proved the old saying as true, old sayings says that the army personal brains resides in their knees rather then its normal place head because of doing too much left-right parade, therefore it is very difficult for them to do much of the thinking business. It was hilarious to imagine some one walking with a gigantic suitcase, which weight about 50/60 KG full of cash in Gonovhobon without anybody noticing. It was no brainier for citizens to figure out the absolute falsehood, knee jerker DGFI got it too but late as always in their case. The case is now in hibernation and will be remembered as one of comical and as a sign of extreme incapability of DGFI brain.

(2) Commit to memory of the old story of hyena who wants to eat the lamb anyway makes the logic of the lamb making the water murky, when the lamb replied how I could do so when I am in the down stream and you are in the upstream. The hyena replied if it is not you then it must be your father therefore, you have to pay the price. DGFI had a similar situation and they had to get rid of her no matter how awful and illogical it looks as she is the one in-between them and staying in power.

One after another, agents of DGFI logged civil cases against Sheikh Hasina. In cases by the ordinary people under tremendous pressure of losing their own and their loved ones life in crossfire if they do not agree with the military intelligence chart of filing civil suites against Sheikh Hasina to pressure and frighten her to stay abroad.

Defiant Sheik Hasina instead of taking a U-turn did what expected from a courageous women like her, she affirmed coming back by April 14th 2007 earlier then her original date of return to face the charges and fight the court battle against all these concocted, fictitious court case.

To scare her further DGFI forced police to bring murder charge against her within three days from filing the first case citing October 28th of 2006 unwarranted unwelcoming but planed incident of loss of human life in the streets of Dhaka. It is note worthy to point out the case was originally field by Jamaat-e-Islami right after October 28th of 2006 where even Jamaat the diehard ante Awami League force did not mention Sheikh Hasina’s name as accused. Government put her name on the charge sheet after five months of the incident took place brings the question of legitimacy of the charge and helps people to understand the vicious mindset of this government.

Military controlled so-called neutral caretaker government was not ready for this; Sheikh Hasina’s gallantry challenge was not what coward top brass was expecting. Seeing all their hush-hush plans evaporating in the thin air DGFI quickly decided to play a clandestine role. On April 13th of 2007, Adviser Gen. Matin called Sheikh Hasina who was visiting his son in Washington DC suburb. Gen. Motin assured her that the government would undertake every effort to investigate these falls allegation and her dignity would be restored. Gen. Motin requested her not to shorten her trip based on this false allegation and to keep her original plan inline. Sheikh Hasina agreed and decided to return home on April 23rd according to her original plan.

On April 17th 2007, Bangladesh Awami League requested caretaker government to take proper security measure for the returning leader. In response, caretaker government laid barricade, Sheikh Hasina virtually barred from returning to the country a plan went out to execute to set her permanently into exile.

On April 18 2007, the caretaker administration issued a press note imposing restrictions on her entry into the country sanction. A ban now laid to stop Sheikh Hasina’s quest to return to her own homeland to face the manifested charges to malign her and her party’s reputation.

Talking to the BBC Bangla Service on same day, now defunct law adviser Barrister Moinul Hosein said that the government has already requested different airlines not to carry her home. Barrister Moinul further said, "Though there are criminal cases against her, we don't want a leader of her stature to be in trouble, therefore she should stay out otherwise we will take legal action if she defies the ban on her entering Bangladesh. On the other hand, Dr. Fakhruddin’s government issued a warrant against Sheikh Hasina showing her absconding.

Rebellious Sheikh Hasina stood firm to challenge the illegal ban on her return and vowed to return to her homeland on April 23 dead or alive and face the challenge.

April 22nd of 2007 Sheikh Hasina reporting to British Airways London Heathrow counter for boarding passes. British Airways declined to issue a boarding pass and to carry Sheikh Hasina from London to Dhaka responding to a written notification from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh "Sheikh Hasina had been barred from entering Bangladesh.”

The struggle between right and wrong flamed out not only in Bangladesh but also among expatriate citizens abroad. National and international media played a fundamental role shaping the populous support condemning Bangladesh government and demanding immediate withdrawal of ban on her return to her own country and people.

On April 24th of 2007, a representative of Sheikh Hasina moved to file a writ petition with the High Court to challenge legality of the government press note imposing restrictions on her returning home.

Dateline April 25th 2007, government finally had to put down their nose on the ground and walked back to the date April 18th 2007 to catch the falling spit of their arrogance in their own mouth. In a dramatic reversal, the military backed interim government withdrew the bar on Awami League President Sheikh Hasina's return to the country

Dateline Monday May 7th 2007, Awami League President, daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Sheikh Hasina finally come home again to be welcome by thousands and thousands of adoring overjoyed jubilant followers braking all their fears of military backed rule of emergency. It was 20 days after the military-backed interim government frenetically sought to force her to stay abroad to execute their minus formula. To date Monday May 7th of 2007 is considered her 2nd home coming day, the first one happen on Monday May 17th of 1981 when she return from her seven years of exile during gen. Zia’s belligerent martial rule.

Sheikh Hasina continued to her task of reforming Bangladesh Awami League to give it 21st century look. A high-level committee was formed to look into party constitution thoroughly and identify any changes needed to reflect people’s aspiration, amend and ratify. At the same time, Sheikh Hasina continued to speak out for people’s right of speech, right to practice democracy. Her demand for earlier national election mandated by the constitution upon the caretaker government and demand for withdrawal of the emergency power act, which disfranchise people’s right, started receiving peoples support. Caretaker government started getting smack out of it. Their blue print of ruling Bangladesh by implementing minus theory now has a propensity to wash away to the river Ganges. Army led government cannot allow it to happen; therefore the snake started to make rattle and a vigorous new plan on its way to implement.

To hunt her down and create pressure the government decided to crackdown on her close aids. On May 28th of 2007, the army-led joint forces in a sudden move took Awami League (AL) General Secretary Abdul Jail and until today jail remained in custody though currently, he is in parole to explore his treatment. Mr. Jalil was tortured physically and psychologically by DGFI to make confession which the failed greatly. Because of DGFI's use of brutal coarse method Mr. Jalil health condition was completely knocked down and now; he is fighting for his life a direct result of physical torture.

On the same day, Awami League Presidium Member Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim was arrested too for the same reason, to compel Sheikh Hasina to go into retreat.

On May 29th 2007 Mr. Abdul Jalil remanded for four days, he was whisked away blindfolded for interrogation by joint force. Torture continues.

On May 30th 2007, Sheikh Selim was taken into remand for three days by same joint forces. Inhuman brutal torture continues to compel him to speak against Sheikh Hasina that can help and fuel the government plan to contain her. DGFI forced Sheikh Selim to make confessional statement linking Sheikh Hasina’s involvement with so called three core BDT extortion case. Sheikh Selim was threatened to be killed in crossfire if he fails to comply.

Sheikh Selim and Mr. Abdul Jalil were compelled to read DGFI scripted statement. Their statement was recorded and then circulated among masses to create panic and at the same time to engender bewilderment among common people.

The only evidence the military regime has provided to the court until today is the confession of Sheikh Selim. On the very first day of hearings Sheikh Selim submitted to the court in writing that he was physically tortured repeatedly and threatened with death to make a false confession against Sheikh Hasina. Sheikh Selim made written petition to the court wishing to retract his confessional statement made during DGFI interrogation.

On May 31st, Awami League President Sheikh Hasina directed the party leaders to provide necessary legal support to the party leaders and workers who have been arrested. Sheikh Hasina vowed to continue her struggle for people’s right until her last breath. Sheikh Hasina however has assured her worried colleagues that she would not cave in to any pressure. She would rather face the crisis. She also told them that the government might even detain her.

Certain powerful quarter of caretaker government were out to destroy the image of Sheikh Hasina as they had to retract from their decision not to allow her return home in the face of national and international public opinion in short. DGFI and other powerful could not accept the defeat and they went out for settling of scores, retribution was imminent.

On June 13th 2007, retribution for her defiance came through to generate the final climate. Two separate extortion cases--one for Taka five crore and another for over Taka 2.99 crore--were filed against former prime minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina.

First case was filed by a person name Noor Ali, managing director of Unique Group of Companies, filed a case with Tejgaon Police Station accusing Hasina extorting Taka 5 crore in exchange for mediating between the Power Development Board (PDB) and his firm to finalize a power plant in 1997.

Azam J Chowdhury, managing director of East Coast Trading Private Ltd, filed the other case with Gulshan Police Station against Hasina and AL leader Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim for extorting over Taka 2.99 crore.

I will fervently ask the readers to go just a day earlier and read daily newspaper for June 13th of 2007. On June 13th, almost all-national newspaper published small but very important news item centering businessman Noor Ali.

On June 12th of 2007, Businessmen Noor Ali who is also an Awami League leader and ran for Member of Parliament of 2001 election was picked up by plain cloth personal identifying themselves as joint forces for questioning, and you know what that translates into, torture.

Mr. Noor Ali was blindfolded and taken to DGFI Head Quarter and was asked to give confessional statement accusing Sheikh Hasina on extortion charges or face crossfire. An ordinary citizen like Mr. Noor Ali can and will do anything to save his or her life. Mr. Noor Ali agreed, he was released next day and was told that plain cloth intelligence unit will trail him until he files the complaint case against Sheikh Hasina on extortion charge. Businessman Noor followed by intelligence unit went to Tejgaon Police Station and filed a case accusing Hasina extorting Taka 5 crore.

Yes, since then the caretaker government and its backers started implementing their grand theory of minus formula once again.

Please allow me to do just the opposite, a fast forward of the events that followed to uncover the mystery of the other case which was filed by Ajam J. Chowdhury on the same date June 13th of 2007. Sheikh Hasina was arrested on July 16th 2008 on charges that was filed by Azam J Chowdhury.

On January 24th 2008 Businessman Azam J Chowdhury, the plaintiff of the extortion case against Sheikh Hasina denied having filed any case against the former prime minister and Awami League president although Sheikh Hasina has been in jail over the last eight months being arrested in the same case. "I didn't file any case against Sheikh Hasina. She is the daughter of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and a former prime minister of the country. I don't know how her name was implicated in the case," he said.

Let us fall back to go thru unfolding events following the conspiratory case filed against Sheikh Hasina on June 13th of 2008

On June 15th 2007 the army-backed caretaker government did not let Awami League (AL) President Sheikh Hasina leave the country for the USA to assist her pregnant daughter. A mother right to see her ailing daughter was denied. Earlier on Wednesday 13th of June 2008, Sheikh Hasina was also prevented from visiting Chittagong, "for security reasons", where she meant to meet families affected by last week's rain and landslides, killing around 120 persons. It become open secret, government is making every effort to pressure her by not allowing seeing her ailing daughter. On many occasion it was confirmed DGFI and insurgents within the caretaker governments are attempting to pursue her to leave Bangladesh and not to come back.

Since her rejection and her stand for human right, people’s right of free speech government decided to handle her differently. Yes, arrest of former prime minister, president of Bangladesh Awami League and daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was imminent.

July 16th of 2008, finally the day arrived; first, around 2:00 am, her police protection was withdrawn. They were ordered to report to the Rajarbagh Police Lines. Short after that, thousands of law enforcer’s raid her residence at dawn. A 30-member dog squad along with at least 100 members of RAB and police entered the Sudha Sadan premises at around 4:50 am. Joint forces arrested Awami League President Sheikh Hasina at her Dhanmondi residence in the city at around daybreak. At 7:30 in the morning, the AL chief, a never-say-die spirit, was whisked away, later a court sent her to jail on charges of extortion filed by Azam J Chowdhury.

To any one who followed unfolding events, it should be graspable by now that all allegation brought against Sheikh Hasina has not merit. The first case against Sheik Hasina field by Tajul Islam Farook alleging he carried a 50/60 KG weighty extra large suitcase full of cash and went to prime ministers official residence to bribe her without any of her security details notice was nothing but a cruel swindle. Second charge brought against Sheikh Hasina by caretaker government based on original case filed by Jamaat-e-Islami was another ridicule of rule of law and fairness. We be familiar with the facts that Sheikh Hasina’s arch rival Jamaat-e-Islami did not brought any charges against Sheik Hasina when they filed the Paltan murder case right after October 28th 2007 incident , it is the vindictive caretaker government which included her name long, long after the incident. Third case filed against Sheikh Hasina by Noor Ali was another example of desperation of caretaker government. Businessperson Noor Ali had no choice other then filing case against Hasina following abducted by DGFI and threaten death by crossfire. The fourth case filed by Azam J Chowdhury had nothing to do with Sheikh Hasina though government arrested Sheikh Hasina on that charge. Azam J Chowdhury himself openly denied bringing any charge against Sheikh Hasina. He said, "I didn't file any case against Sheikh Hasina. She is the daughter of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Sheikh Hasina knew what is going to happen days earlier, and she was mentally and physically ready to face any challenges. The night before on July 15th Sunday, she returned from the Bangabandhu Memorial Bhaban on road number 32 at around 10 and told all her relatives and staff that she was going to be picked up shortly. She asked them not to panic.

Caretaker government miserably failed to understand Sheikh Hasina embodies fearless Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib the most courageous men in our thousand year’s of history. She may bend a bit but she will not break for sure. Sheikh Hasina visited Bangabandhu Bhaban the night before where her father and her family members died in the hands of conspirators among Bangladesh army. Paradoxically, she also had to put up with the same conspirators among the same organization Bangladesh army.

Bangladesh army that is responsible for at least two dozens or more unlawful rebellion and heinous brutal killing of two sitting president, man, women, children, unborn child and thousands of civilian and military personnel. There is no doubt Bangladesh army that ruled our country ruthlessly for seventeen years out of 37 years since its emancipation now going to confront another defeat. Nothing will go unchallenged like the ones before. However, people still hope the government will realize and stop using our national organization otherwise common people and sensible army personnel will revolt to restore democracy.

Free all political prisoners. Restore democracy. Withdraw state of emergency. Stop extreme violation of citizen’s human right. Restore constitution to its entirety. Stop interfering on judicial matter. Stop spiral price hike of daily essential. Take messier to ensure setting tribunal for trial of war criminals. Ensure immediate national dialog with political parties to discuss and to take advice on all national issues. Make all out arrangement for national parliamentary election. Last but the least, make sure to restrain and restructure DGFI an anti state anti people organization very much linked and mimic notorious Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence or ISI. DGFI is working to derail Bangladesh progress toward democracy and its economic independence since its creation.

People will support, ensure their safe exit giving benefit of doubt for all their blunder and conniver moves. People may even remember and appreciate their work in years to come if the government correct themselves immediately. Reconcile with the people and let their right prevail. Caretaker government has to understand they might have the backing of tanks and machinegun but people have their courage with which they defeated one of the most infuriated evil forces of Pakistan army. If needed, we will fight again to liberate us from the shackle of any power wearing combat dress.

At the end I like to remind Dr. Fakhruddin’s caretaker government and Gen. Mooenuddin the Chief of Staff Bangladesh army the historical quotation from the life of Abraham Lincoln “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” #

Shamim Chowdhury, is a freelance writer and lives in Maryland, USA. <>