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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now Shahidul Alam arrested by Bangladesh border forces for illegally cross Indo-Bangla border


LAST NIGHT at 3:00 am on Thursday 17 June, renowned Bangladeshi photojournalist Shahidul Alam telephoned from Rowmari thana (police station) to say he has been shown arrested. A case was filed by sub-inspector Amir Ali (0191-401-8992) of Rowmari thana under the Control Entry Act/4, 1972 Bangladesh (case number 6, dated 17.06.2009).

Shahidul spent the night in custody at the thana. He is due to appear at court on Thursday 17 June, and is expected to appeal for bail from Kurigram court. His camera and phone were confiscated.

The case follows his arrest and subsequent 6 hour detention (including interrogation) on Wednesday 16 June, around 6.10pm, by Indian border guards, BSF, while taking photographs for his Brahmaputra river project, one that encompasses China, Mongolia, Tibet, and India, and has been carried out over several years. While taking photographs in the Bangladeshi side, BSF guards had asked him to come over, and then detained him at Sahapara 21 IPP, across the Memokar Char border, Rowmari, Kurigram. #

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